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100% Australian made Fashion.
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15 / 178-182 Duke Street, Braybrook, Vic. 3019 Australia. Phone: (03) 9311 9800 Fax: (03) 9311 9832
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veducci fashion is Australian made and owned. We are proud to say that we are a family-run company with 29 years of manufacturing experience.




veducci sells Australian made, designer garments exclusively through our network of independent fashion consultants.


We show our wearable garments in the comfortable environment of peoplesí homes, clubs and work places. We present you and your guests with a relaxed and informative fashion collection showing. Our customers enjoy friethis ndly and personalised service, convenience and expert advice from our consultants. You can try on items in a positive environment and explore optional colours and styles which you may not have considered.


While the company is based in Melbourne, our extended family of consultants are located across Australia. Like everyone at veducci, our consultants share a passion for fashion and helping women to look and feel great in the clothes they wear.


To view some of our current collection, select the Our Catalogue tab on the home page. To find out more about us click on About Veducci below.